Customizations & Options:

Features and Options


ConverStation offers several models, each of which can be customized to meet your needs and office decor. See our finish swatches here, start customizing here.

Exterior Finish Options

By default, ConverStations are wrapped on the side walls and door frame with one of our natural, geometric or cityscape images from our swatch library.  (However, you can opt for the natural birch finish instead.) We also offer the ultimate custom option:  you can upload an image that is meaningful to your organization for your ConverStation wrap. Please note: the exterior back wall is usually left in the natural birchwood finish, not wrapped with a print.
See our swatches page for Exterior Finish Options.

Interior Back Wall

This is the wall opposite the door. By default, it continues the wrap pattern from the outside giving you a 3D feel of walking into the scene wrapped on the outside. Alternatively, you can choose a white dry erase board on the inside. And, if you are fortunate with good views on both sides of the ConverStation, you can order the back wall to be totally transparent.

Interior Side Walls

The walls adjacent to the door are decorated with carpet material made from recycled bottles that not only helps dampen sound, but also creates a warmer, more natural setting.
See our swatches page for Interior Side Wall Finishes.

Accent Colors

The table top and exterior door trim is finished with colorful laminates to give them an extra pop of color and to increase the durability of the surfaces.
See our swatches page for Accent Colors.


Privacy glass - ConverStations come with a clear plexiglass door panel enclosed by a solid wood frame. However, you may request heavily frosted privacy glass. While we install privacy glass by default in the Focus Plus Nursing configuration, we recommend clear doors on other models.

Locking handles - Similar to the option for privacy glass, the Focus Plus Nursing configuration comes with a locking door handle. The handle has a safety key and indicates whether the unit is vacant or in use.